Pepe's Story

Parrots eating plantains are the Colombian equivalent of funny cat videos. You need to watch one!

So, parrots love plantains and parrots are cool – everyone knows it.

Loro Crisps founders Natalia and Daniela grew up in Colombia, where parrots and exotic animals are regular parts of daily life. Both had parrots as pets and one of them was called Pepe. A handsome Blue Guacamayas, he was the coolest of the cool.

Pepes Story 350

As ‘loro’ is Spanish for ‘parrot’, Natalia and Daniela decided Loro Crisps was the perfect name to bring this favourite Colombian plantain snack to the UK.

Now Pepe the parrot is the heart and soul of Loro Crisps.

He’s representing the best of Colombia and he’s on a mission. A parrot’s mission. To share his favourite crisps around the world! 

The Founders

Natalia and Daniela met at the University of Sheffield Enterprise Zone. Natalia had already started her first business Pura Panela, selling unrefined sugar cane from Colombia. Daniela had recently graduated having completed a Masters in entrepreneurship.

Both were born and raised in Colombia and wanted to share their favourite childhood crisps – plantain crisps – with the rest of the world.

Daniela was brought up in the lively Colombian city of Cali.

She moved to the UK in 2014 to study at the University of Sheffield. An LLB Law and Criminology was followed by a Masters in Management and Entrepreneurship.

Daniela is passionate about speaking openly about her mental health challenges in her personal blog and talking about women in business. In her spare time, she enjoys playing golf and guitar.

Her favourite plantain crisps are Urabá Sunshine!

Natalia is Colombian and truly passionate about natural foods. She moved to Sheffield in 2010 to study English and begin a Master’s degree in International Criminology (while learning to appreciate ale and  jazz, and complaining about the weather).

After years of desperately missing panela – unrefined Colombian sugar with an amazing fine taste and texture – she decided to bring it to Europe. Her business Pura Panela has converted many people to this special taste of Colombia. She is passionate about sharing her love for Colombian products, culture and music.

Her Favourite Loro crisps are Quimbaya limon!

Natalia Welch